Dana grew up in Pascagoula, MS, graduating from Pascagoula High School in 1981. He then attended Delta State University, graduating in 1986 with a degree in Commercial Aviation.

Dana continued his education at Northeast Louisiana University, now University of Louisiana, Monroe, receiving a Master’s of Education degree in 1988.​

Dana began his career as a commercial pilot back in Pascagoula where he flew a corporate turbo-jet aircraft for a company located in Gautier, MS. During his time in Pascagoula, Dana became an officer with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Auxiliary and became a training officer and pilot for the Mississippi Civil Air Patrol. Eventually he left Mississippi for a position in Nashville, TN, as a pilot for American Eagle Airlines.

After 5 years as an airline pilot, Dana returned to Mississippi and Delta State University where he served as an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor and a Professor of Aviation.

In 1998 Dana moved his family to Olive Branch, MS to work for FedEx as a pilot instructor on the Boeing 727 and the MD11 aircraft. During his time at FedEx as an instructor, Dana was also the Curriculum Manager for the MD11 Training Department.

Since 2001 Dana has been a pilot for FedEx, today he is a Captain on the Boeing 767 aircraft.

Julie, Dana’s wife, is a stay-at-home mom and believes strongly in the importance of a mother instilling Christian family values while children are young that will serve them throughout life. All the children have been home schooled for the first few years of their schooling, Janine, who lives in Memphis with two daughters, was home schooled through high school.

In 2015 Dana decided to run for the Mississippi House of Representatives. Dana was elected and has served two four year terms, representing District 6. Dana was also a founding member of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus and served as its Chairman during his last two year in office.

Dana is a strict Constitutional Conservative and believes our founding fathers received divine guidance as they wrote our constitution and established our nation. He believes our constitution is the key to maintaining our liberties and freedoms and as an elected official hopes to persuade and educate others on the importance of adhering to our founding principles.

As a christian, husband, father, and a recent grandfather Dana wants to be a part of the solution that restores and preserves our freedoms and liberties for the generations to follow.

Dana believes we must all contribute to the preservation of our God-given rights and freedom. He started the Conservative Candidate Fund as a way to raise money to help others who want to run for a political position. During his eight years in politics it has become apparent that every-day citizens often choose not to run for office because they don’t know how to raise the money for a campaign. The Conservative Candidate Fund will help find constitutional conservatives and assist them in their efforts to win elections.

If you want to be a part of restoring our government and helping elect true citizen legislators, you can help by making a donation to the Conservative Candidate Fund.

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This is not about friendship, its about saving our country by advancing conservative principles.


Pilot, Conservative, Tree Farmer, Mississippi State Representative